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We all want to protect the people and things that mean most to us

Life Insurance

The best financial planning starts with a solid foundation. For most of us, this means protecting what we already have: our home, our life, our loved ones, our livelihoods. There are a wide variety of protection policies available these days, but care and guidance must be sought to advise on the right protection for you and to help make a valid application.

Today, many families face the following issues:

  • How would the surviving partner cope financially on the death of the other?
  • How would they maintain the same or similar standard of living for themselves and their children?
  • What would be the effect on the family income if either partner suffered a critical illness resulting in an inability to work?
  • How would the family make up the shortfall in income which might occur due to a prolonged period of not working due to an accident or illness?

Our financial advisers are on hand to help clients find their way around the various products which offer solutions to these potential problems. They can help clients replace income if it’s lost due to unforeseen circumstances such as premature death or illness.

Critical Illness

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Illness can strike out of the blue and it’s a sad fact that one in three people will be affected by cancer. But have you ever thought how you and your family would continue to make ends meet if the worst happened? Having critical illness cover provides a safety net to catch you if you suddenly become ill and can no longer work. With a critical illness plan you can recuperate without financial worry.

We can assist you in finding you the right cover that is affordable for you and that gives you that comfort, that if the worst happens, you’ll still have a roof over your head and a comfy bed to recover in.

Funeral Plans

There’s nothing sadder than losing someone we love but this stressful time is made worse when there’s no funds to cover the cost of a funeral. These days the average cost of a burial or a cremation can run into thousands of pounds and there can be many unforeseen costs that you may not have thought of.

Having a funeral plan in place makes it easier on those left behind to cover the costs of your final wishes. Our experts in end of life finances can help you plan to ensure your loved ones can give you the funeral you would like without the added worry of having to find the money to pay for it.

Business Protection

After an in depth consultation with one of our highly-qualified advisers we will help you consider how your business would cope with the death of a key person such as a partner or director. We can offer guidance on how to ensure you have the necessary funds in place if you are required to buy that persons share of the business and what correct share protection agreements should be in place.

Our experts can also advise you on the necessary insurances such as key person cover; director’s share protection; partnership assurance and business loan protection.

Together we will devise a way forward that provides a safety net to keep you flourishing in the event of a crisis.

Income Protection

If you got sick or injured, how would you pay your mortgage/rent or even your medical bills as you recover? 1 in 3 think they can rely on their savings but it would take the average working household 14 years to save their grosss annual salary. How long would your savings last?

Income Protection Cover pays you a monthly tax-free income until you’re well enough to go back to work, retirement, the plan ends, or death, which can be used to help pay your bills, your mortgage or even medical costs.

Home & Contents Insurance

We all love nice things; whether it’s the latest technology or the trendiest clothes and comfiest expensive furnishings – after all, there is no place like home. But with increasing and unpredictable bad weather that can create flooding and burst pipes your worldly goods could be ruined in a matter of minutes. Worse still, a pesky burglar can steal your prized belongings like your iPad or Smartphone from under your nose. In these common cases having home and contents insurance is so important. Some things cannot be replaced sentimentally but luckily most material possessions can.

At Rock Financial Services we have access to a panel of insurers that give a choice of cover. Providing you with security and peace of mind.


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